July 28, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Luke 23-24

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Commentary:  Chapter 23 begins in the middle of Jesus’ trial.  He had been declared guilty by the religious leaders, however the Romans would not approve an execution for a religious crime, so, when Jesus was brought before Roman officials, the Jewish leaders claimed Jesus was a political threat.  Pilate believed Jesus to be innocent, however, religious leaders continued to demand Jesus’ punishment.  Pilate, upon discovering that Jesus was from Galilee, sent Jesus to Herod for punishment.  When Jesus refused to indulge Herod and perform a miracle, Herod became enraged, mocked Jesus, and returned Him to Pilate.  To placate the Jewish leaders, Pilate allowed Jesus to be executed.  While being led to the cross, Jesus attempted to offer comfort to those who were mourning Him.  Upon the cross, Jesus was still willing to offer forgiveness to those who sought it, and even those who were persecuting Him!  Jesus was buried in a cave following His death.  His followers could do no more until after the Sabbath, however, He was no longer in the tomb following the Sabbath!  He had risen!  Jesus was seen by many after His resurrection and before He returned to Heaven.

Focus Verses:  23:13-25  What is demonstrated in this passage?  What warning does it offer?  How does this passage resonate with you?