July 31, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 2 Kings 21-25

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Commentary: Hezekiah was the greatest king since David.  Also like David, he was a terrible father, as Hezekiah’s son, Manasseh, was the worst king of Judah.  Manasseh incited the anger of the Lord against Judah, leading to fall of Jerusalem.  Amon, Manasseh’s son followed his father and was quickly assassinated.  Josiah ruled after Amon and was the last good king of Judah.  The return to worship of the Lord spared Judah from destruction for a time.  Josiah returned to the Law of Moses, destroying pagan alter and worship sites.  Josiah was killed in battle with the Egyptians, a battle which he did not need to partake.  The kings that followed Josiah reverted to pagan worship, rejecting the Lord, leading the destruction of and capture of Jerusalem in 586 BC by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

Focus Verses:  25:1-26  What is your reaction to this passage?  What is the passage’s significance?  What can be learned from it?