August 3, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Ezekiel 43-48

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Commentary: In these final chapters of the Ezekiel, we continue the theme of hope and restoration.  Ezekiel describes the glory of God returning the His temple and Ezekiel’s vision of restored worship and the new land for His people.  In describing the restored worship, Ezekiel also describes the restoration of the priesthood and of sacrifices in the Temple.  Some scholars speculate that these final chapters are a combination of Ezekiel’s hope for restoration, along with the vision given him by the Lord.  Others speculate that Ezekiel was given a vision in a way that he would understand.  Regardless, Ezekiel’s final chapters point towards the second coming of Jesus Christ, when all will worship Him.

Focus Verses:  48:30-35  What is the last message of hope in this book?  Why does this book end with such a message?  What hope does this passage offer you?