August 4, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for John 1-2

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Commentary: John does not write his book in chronological order, rather he focuses on the message of Christ.  John skips over the birth and early life of Christ, however, he introduces Jesus by stressing that Jesus always existed.  He was there at creation, He was simply known by other names.  He did not become known as Jesus until He became human.  John also introduces us to John the Baptist, although not by that name.  John was a messenger sent to prepare the way for Christ.  The remainder of the first chapter introduces several disciples.  Chapter 2 is still very early in Jesus ministry.  His mother knew of what He was capable, but few others were aware.  Jesus was not disrespecting His mother with His remarks, but was pointing out that it was not yet His time.  He was waiting for God’s time.  Nonetheless, Jesus did as His mother asked; He honored her request.  The author next records the cleaning out of the temple.  Confused?  Thought this happened later?  You are not alone.  Scholars have debated this for years, with different theories gaining and waining in popularity.  Regardless, Jesus was appalled that His Father’s house had become a common market!  This is a warning to all churches to remain focused on the Lord.  Jesus also predicts His death when confronted by the Pharisees.  The disciples would later remember His words after His death.

Focus Verses:  1:19-28  Why is this passage important?  What does it show?