August 11, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for John 3-4

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Commentary: Although most Pharisees resented and rejected Jesus, some did not.  Nicodemus sought out Jesus, recognizing that His authority came from God.  Nicodemus sought to understand what Jesus meant when He spoke of being born again.  John the Baptist sought to teach an import lesson: continually serving Christ is more important than becoming great in the eyes of the world.  Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well is similar to His conversation with Nicodemus.  It is also the only time, outside of His trial, that Jesus acknowledges Himself as the Messiah.  Jesus’ ministry in Samaria was baed on His teachings, while the next town simply wanted to see miracles.  Jesus challenged the man who came begging for help to show proof of faith, by leaving Jesus with no physical proof that his son was healed.

Focus Verses: 3:22-36  About what was the disagreement between the disciples?  How was it revolved?  What can we learn from this example?