August 17, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Daniel 7-12

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Commentary:  Chapter 7 is a turning point in the book of Daniel, from one of historical record to one of prophecy.  All prophecy contains symbolism, that if fully explored, would fill an entire book (if not several!).  If you have an interest in prophecy seek out books for guidance, perhaps from your church library, for in-depth study.  Chapter 7 is similar to previous dreams by Nebuchadnezzar, which Daniel interpreted.  Chapter 8 is a prophecy that was fulfilled upon the death of Alexander the Great, when the world he had conquered was divided into four kingdoms.  Chapter 9 contains a powerful prayer and a prophecy whose interpretation is still up for debate.  The final three chapters are often treated as one vision concerning the history of Israel, from Daniel’s present time, until the coming of God’s kingdom.

Focus Verses: 9:4-20  What is Daniel’s prayer?  Why is it important?