August 26, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 2 Timothy 1-2

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Commentary: This letter is a direct follow-up to 1 Timothy.  Timothy received the letter while he was in the Asia Minor, perhaps Ephesus.  When writing, Paul knew that this would likely be one of the last letters he wrote.  It is a very personal letter, as a father would write to a son.  Paul opened this letter as he did nearly all of his letters.  Paul encourages Timothy to remain strong and faithful to the Lord and assures Timothy of his love.  Paul warns against false teachers and warns Timothy to not be swayed by them, but remain faithful to the Lord and follow His word, not the way of the world.

Focus Verses: 1:13-14  What is Paul advising?  Does his advice still hold true today?  Why or why not?  How can it be applied to your life?