September 1, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for John 10-12

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Commentary: Jesus spoke in a way that the people listening to Him could easily understand.  Even today, we can easily understand His message and we have resources at our fingertips that allow us to grasp a deeper understanding of His message if we take the time to study.  Jesus was sent to lead people, not to force them to do anything.  It remains that way today.  Jesus cares for those who have put their faith in Him.  The death of Lazarus was another teaching opportunity.  Jesus could have save Lazarus from a distance, as soon as He knew Lazarus was sick, however He waited and arrived four days after Lazarus’ death.  This ensured that everyone knew Lazarus and died.  The dinner recorded next did not immediately occur after Lazarus’ revival.  During this dinner, Mary cleaned the feet of Jesus with her hair and expensive perfume, must to the distaste of Judas.  Judas attempt to disguise his selfishness as concern for the poor, however Jesus rebukes him, as Jesus, and the ability to honor Him on earth, will only be for a short while.  The perfume used by Mary cost on year’s wages.  Today, people will spend that on a new car or house for themselves, but how many would spend it to honor a friend?  Interestingly, Judah would go and betray Jesus for less than half the amount the perfume was worth.  Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem is not as detailed as in other accounts.  The author makes clear that the disciples failed to grasp the importance of the event taking place before them.

Focus Verses:  10:22-39  What is Jesus saying?  What is it important?  What does it mean?