September 2, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 2 Timothy 3-4

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Commentary:  Living a life for Christ will not be easy.  The world will continue to morally decay, with people caring more about themselves and earthly pleasures than for following the instructions of the Lord.  We are to remain faithful to Lord, living our lives for Him and spreading the Good News of His salvation.  We cannot hide from the world.  We must also be aware of those who claim to be followers of Christ, yet have rejected parts of His Word, allowing them to do as they please.  This is Paul’s final letter, as he is near the end of his life.  He has been left and betrayed by some he called friends and wishes for his true friends to return to him.  Despite the melancholy turn of his letter, Paul ends by seeking God’s grace upon the reader of this letter, whoever they may be.  Paul began as pharisee, seeking out Christians to persecute, before the revelation on the road to Damascus.  Paul understood the grace given by God, because it changed his life and he was forever grateful for God’s grace.   

Focus Verses:  3:1-9  About what is Paul warning?  Do these warning continue to apply today?  What warning stands out to you?  Why?