September 9, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Titus 1-3

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Commentary: Paul begins his letter to Titus by establishing his authority as an apostle.  Paul then outlines for Titus the qualifications for officers of the church - deacons, elders, bishops, etc.  Paul also warns against false teachers.  He exhorts Titus to teach “sound doctrine,” doctrine that aligns with the teachings of Jesus Christ, adding or subtracting nothing.  Paul addresses several of the common groups to that time period, and how each should be taught.  Paul reminds us that we are to submit to governing authorities.  We are to participate and engage in the world without falling into the sin of the world.  Our lives are to be examples for Christ.  Those within the church who insist upon causing trouble should be cast out from the church.  Paul concludes his letter with details of his future plans and several requests for Titus. 

Focus Verses: 2:1-15  In which group would you place yourself?  Do you fall in more than one?  Who do you teach and how are you to teach them?  Do you follow the advice given in this passage?