September 10, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Numbers 17-20

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Commentary: Following questions against Aaron’s leadership, the Lord unequivocally confirms Aaron’s leadership position as high priest, appointed by the Lord.  The rebellion against Aaron was also a rebellion against the Lord, as Aaron was appointed by the Lord.  Since the rebellion occurred within the Levite tribe, the responsibility for the rebellion lay within the Levite tribe.  The Levite tribe was set apart from the rest of the Israelites, as they were given specific instructions on how they were to live.  In chapter 19, the Lord provides an offering that was to be used if a sin was committed while the Israelites were marching, as they would not always be able to stop and set up the tabernacle.  Moses was barred from entering the Promised Land when he failed to obey the Lord’s instructions.  Moses also demonstrated a lack of faith by asking the king of Edom to allow the Israelites to pass through.  The reading ends with the death of Aaron and the anointing of a new High Priest.

Focus Verses: 20:1-13  What was Moses’ sin?  Why was he punished?  When have you not followed the instructions of the Lord?  What was the result?