September 11, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 1 Chronicles 25-29

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Commentary: David, although he would not be building the Lord’s Temple, continued to make preparations for its constructions, as well as for the worship and running of the Temple, in accordance with the Laws of Moses.  David organized the vast number of Levites, giving them each a time to serve.  When they were not serving at the Temple, they would return to their hometowns to serve.  David’s final speech acknowledges Solomon has his heir; Solomon was to become king upon David’s death.  With this announcement, David wished to avoid a civil war like the one he experienced when he first became king.  David also wanted to inspire Solomon and the people for the building of the Temple.

Focus Verses: 28:4-18  What lesson can be learned from David’s actions and his graciousness?  Is there anywhere in your life that you can apply these lessons?