September 18, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 2 Chronicles 1-5

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Commentary: Solomon becomes king after David’s death.  Solomon’s request of wisdom and knowledge from the Lord was considered wise and he was blessed by the Lord for his request.  However, Solomon did not seek spiritual discernment, which ultimately led to his downfall.  For all of Solomon’s wisdom, he lacked spiritual knowledge.  Solomon’s greatest achievement was not the wisdom for which he is most remembered, but for the construction of the Lord’s Temple.  The Temple was one of grandeur.  Although small in size compared to pagan temples, considerable wealth, silver, and gold went into the construction of the Temple.  Following the completion of the construction, the Ark of the Covenant was placed inside the Temple.

Focus Verses:  3:1-17  Why was the construction recorded in such detail?  What is the significance of one of King Solomon’s first act being the building of the temple?