September 24, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Numbers 25-28

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Commentary: Notice how quick the Israelites are to turn away from the Lord and worship false gods, even after all that the Lord has done for them!  Taking our eyes off the Lord and following and worshiping others never leads to anything good.  A second census is conducted and all of the previous generation, with the exception of a select few, have died off.  The Lord once again demonstrates that His way is not the way of the world, by granting the request of some women, giving them rights unheard of at the time.  Moses knows that he will not be entering the Promised Land, therefore, Joshua is established as his successor.  Today’s final chapter contains a summary of the offerings Israel was to make.  These offerings were discussed in more detail in Leviticus.

Focus Verses:  28:11-15  What were the monthly offerings and why were they important?