October 13, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Acts 5-6

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Commentary:  At the end of last week’s reading, believers joined together, sharing their possessions with one another, freely.  In contrast, in the beginning of chapter 5, is the story of Ananias and Sapphira, who also chose to give to the Lord.  Peter and John return to preaching at Solomon’s Colonnade, where they had previously been arrested.  Their actions greatly displeased the religious leaders who had instructed the men to no longer preach.  Once again, Peter and John were imprisoned.  When freed by the Lord, Peter and John again returned to preaching and were again arrested.  This time they were flogged.  This brutal punishment only encouraged John and Peter!  Country to what many may believe, multiculturalism is nothing a new.  In chapter 6, there is a first-century church experiencing it!  To resolve the issue, the Twelve carefully selected a group to handle the issue.  Notice their careful selection and criteria for selection.

Focus Verses: 5:17-32  What is the importance of this passage?  What can you learn from it?