October 14, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Hebrews 11-13

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Commentary: In the first chapter of today’s reading, we are given numerous examples of faith by Old Testament characters.  Today, it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend their great faith because we already know the outcome of the story.  But it is important to remember that they did not know!  They did not know what was going to happen, just like we do not know today!  They were mocked, ridiculed, and called fools by their friends and family, but the persevered!  These examples, along with chapter 12, provide encouragement for believers.  Chapter 13 is a conclusion of this letter by again providing encouragement.  In this case, the author is encouraging the church to stay focused on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Focus Verses: 12:14-17  Do you follow the directions given in these verses?  Why is it important to do so?  What changes do you need to make?