October 27, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Acts 9-10

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Commentary:  Saul, after witnessing the murder of Stephen, requested and received permission to round up disciples - men, women, and children - of the Lord Jesus Christ.  While on his way to Damascus to being his cleansing, Saul encounters the Lord!  Saul’s conversion leads him to become the man who will greatly influence and help establish the early church.  Paul is the first to understand that the Gentiles are not to be excluded from salvation through Jesus Christ.  Through Peter and Cornelius, we can understand the importance of opening ourselves up to hearing, and acting upon, the Lord’s instructions.  Peter also shows that we do not always have to everything alone.  When the Lord calls us to do something, we can ask for help!

Focus Verses:  9:10-16  Why is Ananias afraid?  Have you ever been afraid to do something that the Lord has asked of you?  How did you react?