November 5, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Deuteronomy 10-12

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Commentary:  Moses recalls the carving of the second stone tablets, after he destroyed the first.  He also reminds the Israelites that he Lord took care of the Israelites, bringing them out of their suffering in Egypt, looked after them and provided for them during their time in the desert, and will continue to provide for them when the enter the Promised Land.  Moses warns of the consequences if they do not obey and follow the Lord.  In chapter 12, the Israelites are instructed to destroy all places of worship for false gods.  Once in the Promised Land, they were to build a Temple to the Lord.  As they would all no longer be in such close proximity to the Temple, they were given additional dietary instructions.

Focus Verses: 11:12-22  Why should we fear the Lord? What does this passage teach about the Lord?  How does this passage apply to you?  Why was the Lord warning the Israelites?  From what was He trying to spare them?  Can this warning be applied today?  If so, how?