November 9, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Haggai 1-2

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Commentary:  Haggai gives a message to the people who have returned to Jerusalem from exile in Babylon.  The Jerusalem to which the people have returned is a far cry from the Jerusalem which they left.  Homes, business, livelihoods, and the Temple have been destroyed.  After being conquered by Nebuchadnezzar, the city and surrounding land had been burned; it was no longer the land of milk and honey.  The people struggled.  Haggai had four messages for the people: (1) rebuild the Temple and do not focus on their own luxurious, (2) encouragement for those rebuilding the Temple which was not as splendid as the old, (3) a reminder that holiness only comes through obedience to the Lord and not through works, and (4) a reminder that the Lord will return to rule and sit on the throne of David.

Focus Verses:  2:1-9  What is God’s promise?  Has it been fulfilled?  What can you learn from these verses?  How can these verses be applied today?