November 10, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Acts 13-14

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Commentary: Paul’s first missionary journey!  By this time, Saul had adopted his new name, Paul, and goes out with Barnabas, but before they set out they carefully prepare themselves.  Paul and Barnabas, along with others, work together as a team.  After the miracle at Paphos, we see the emergence of Paul as the sole leader.  Around the same time, there is a division among the team (it is unclear if the events are related, correlation does not always equal causation).  Whatever reason given for John Mark to leave was unsatisfactory to Paul, who would not allow John to accompany him on his second journey.  Paul emphasizes the importance of God in Israel’s history and Jesus fulfillment of the prophecies.  While they were run out of town by the religious leaders, their message to root and began to spread and grow.  Paul also begins to move away from preaching in synagogues to going into pagan areas.  Paul and Barnabas gave credit to the Lord for the miracles they performed.

Focus Verses:  13:4-12  What warning is offered in this passage?  How would such a warning be delivered today?