November 17, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Acts 15-16

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Commentary: The first recorded disagreement within the Christian Church.  Disagreements within the church, and how to worship goes back to the beginning of the church.  It has been less than 20 years since Jesus left earth!  By studying this disagreement, we can learn how we are to handle disputes, not only within the church, but also during our daily lives.  Once a decision was reached, the church united to tell all of their decision, by sending out missionaries, bringing us to Paul’s second missionary journey.  Before setting out, Paul and Barnabas have a disagreement over Mark, resulting in Paul and Silas going one direction and Barnabas and Mark going another.  Paul and Silas are joined by Timothy, who Paul insists upon being circumcised.  Wait, what?  Didn’t Paul just argue against that?  Timothy’s circumcision had nothing to do with salvation, as Timothy was already saved.  Rather, it was to remove a stigma that resulted from Timothy having a Greek father and Jewish mother.  While in Rome, Paul and Silas are thrown in prison.  Paul’s actions during that time result in the salvation of the jailor and his entire family.  Paul further demonstrates a life of Christ by using secular legal means to secure their release.  

Focus Verses:  15:1-21  What is the importance of this Council?  Why is it important to know and understand the history of the church?