November 20, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Ezra 6-10

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Commentary: The Israelites were able to rebuild the Temple in time to celebrate the Passover.  Finally, we meet the namesake of this book in chapter 7.  After the Temple was rebuilt, worship had to be restored and the Israelites had to return to following the Laws of Moses.  Ezra had rigorously studies the Law and a teacher before going to Jerusalem.  Ezra brought many people back with him, including Levites.  One of the first acts of worship was to offer a sacrifice to the Lord, for the Israelites had failed to follow God’s laws while in captivity.  Under Ezra’s guidance, a revival took place as the Israelites removed the influences of other nations.

Focus Verses:  7:1-10  What do we learn about Ezra?  How does this knowledge help us understand this book?