December 3, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Deuteronomy 23-25

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Commentary:  In chapter 23, Moses provides instructions for maintaining holiness within the camp and staying pure.  He also warns against false religion.  Chapter 24 reviews the laws for divorcing and caring for those who are less fortunate.  Chapter 25 contains a variety of laws.  Instructions are provided on punishment for crimes that did not warrant a death sentence.  The punishment was to take place in public so that all would know the punishment for committing a crime.  Verse 4 almost seems out of place.  Yet in this verse we see that God cares for all His creatures, and we should too!  Since the ox is working for us, we should not keep it from eating.  We are to be honest in all our transactions.

Focus Verse:  23:9-14  Why is it important to study and understand the laws given to the Israelites?  What do we learn by studying the history of the Israelites?  What do we learn about the Lord?