December 4, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Nehemiah 5-9

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Commentary: Judah lacked a strong economy and rebuilding the walls was straining the economy and the food supply.  They were being ridiculed and threatened by other nations for rebuilding.  Nehemiah trusted the Lord and did not meet with other nations, who were attempting to trap him.  Nehemiah led the Israelites to complete the wall.  The names of those who returned is again recorded, because they are to be remembered.  Nehemiah appointed men and women to specific positions in order to restore proper worship in the Temple.  In chapter 8, Ezra reads the Law, given to Moses by the Lord.  The reading caused the Israelites to recognize their sins and repent.

Focus Verses: 6:5-14  What do you learn from this passage?  Why is it important?  What does it reveal?