December 7, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Revelation 1-6

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Commentary:  Revelation is the final book of the Bible is a very difficult book of prophecy to understand.  There are many different theories as to who this book should be interpreted.  We will only know which is correct when it has come to pass!  You are encouraged to do your own research.  This book was written for us, just as much as for the people when it was written.  John gives and introduction to the book, followed by seven letters to seven churches.  Each letter contains a compliment and a challenge by Jesus Christ.  Next, we find ourselves in a new vision, in the throne room of Heaven, where God is continually worshipped!  Jesus has returned to His Father’s side, His Father’s plan complete.  The first six seals are then broken, leading to events that Jesus warned was to come before His second coming.

Focus Verses:  2:1-3:22  What is the importance of these letters?  Why do you think these churches were chosen?  What can we learn from them?  How can we apply those lessons today?