December 8, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Acts 21-22

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Commentary: Paul’s return journey to Jerusalem is not easy.  He is constantly warned of an attack should he return, however, he perseveres, demonstrating his faith in the Lord.  Upon arriving in Jerusalem, many rejoice at the work Paul has done for the Lord, however, many also call for his arrest, especially those who disagreed with his teachings.  Paul was arrested, even though they were unable to determine an exact charge.  The treatment of Paul by the Romans changed drastically after Paul claimed his Roman citizenship (which guarantees him a chance to have his case heard before Caesar).  The Romans took Paul before the Sanhedrin to determine the exact nature of the complaint.

Focus Verses: 22:6-21  What is the importance of Paul sharing his conversion?  What can we learn from it?  Where is the Lord telling you to go?  What is He telling you to do?