December 14, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Revelation 7-11

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Commentary:  God remembers those who serve Him.  Those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior will stand in His presence one day.  The remainder of today’s reading covers the great tribulations, which is a result of the event and final broken seal.  With the breaking of the final seal, seven angel prepare to blow their horns.  The first six horn blasts are covered in chapters 8 and 9.  The final two chapters focus on the seventh, final horn blast, and God’s final plan.  God’s plans do not always come to pass as we might expect.  Two witnesses will come to the ungodly world and be ignored.

Focus Verses:  11-1-14  What is the importance of the two witnesses?  What is their purpose?  What can you learn from this passage?  How can you apply it?