December 15, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Acts 23-24

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Commentary:  God can use any events in our life for His purpose and to further His cause.  Paul spoke out of turn, unintentionally insulting the High Priest!  Paul may have been correct in what he said, however the manner in which he spoke was incorrect.  Paul apologized for his actions.  He also began a different tactic, turning the Sanhedrin and Pharisees against each other.  Paul realized that everything happening to him was happening for a reason: he was going to spread God’s Word to Rome!  Paul had the chance to defend himself before Felix, the governor.  Like Pilate, Felix failed to act and do as he knew he should.  Paul used this injustice against him to further spread God’s Word and to be an example for living a life for Christ.  

Focus Verses:  23:6-11  What did you learn from careful study of Paul’s speech?  What is the Lord’s response?  How can you apply what you learned?