December 21, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Revelation 12-17

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Commentary: In chapter 12, the dragon represents Satan and the child represents Israel.  This chapter shows that throughout the ages, Satan has continually tried to destroy God’s chosen people.  The spiritual warfare continues today between Christians and Satan.  This chapter also refers to a future event.  In chapter 13, the reader is introduced to two new beasts, which represent the final corrupt political leader (Antichrist) and corrupt religious figure (False Prophet).  Chapter 14 reveals what happened to the 144,000 that God had sealed.  This chapter also shows Christ’s return for His children, and to judge the wicked.  In chapter 15, those who have been saved exalt the Lord and the last seven plagues are unleashed.  Chapter 16 describes the last seven bowls of God’s wrath.  Even after all these horrors, some will continue to refuse to believe in the Lord!  Chapter 17 describes the final city, a great but wicked city.  The city, and past cities, were ruled by actions opposed to the Lord and His people.

Focus Verses: Reader’s choice!  What verses stand out to you for further study?  What can you learn from them?