December 28, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Revelation 18-22

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Commentary: Chapter 18 is focused more on what John heard than what he saw.  It may help to read this chapter out loud and visualize what is being described, namely the fall of Babylon, a human city rife with corruption and wickedness.  Chapter 19 is one of glory and triumph.  Heaven rejoices at the second coming of Jesus Christ and the defeat of Satan and his followers.  In chapter 20, we see Satan’s final defeat and the final judgement of the dead.  Chapter 21 contains a beautiful description of the new heaven and new earth, which will far surpass anything we can imagine now.  In the final chapter of this book, and the final chapter of the Bible, we are reminded that Jesus is coming again, soon!  We have been given this prophecy so that we might know His return is near.  The Bible ends on a note of glory and hope!

Focus Verses: 22:7-21  Why does the Bible end here?  What is the final message?  What does it mean to you?  Reflect over all that you have learned this year.