January 9, 2019

I call out to the Lord, From the Lord comes deliverance.  (Psalms 3:4, NIV)




Focus Verse For Today: Psalm 3:4, 8

The Book of Psalms is a collection of prayers, praise, worship, and song to the Lord God Jehovah. King David of Israel wrote most of the chapters that comprise the Book of Psalms. King David was a prolific writer. In the Chapters 3-5, today’s reading, we find King David lamenting dealing with his foes. King David had many!

In Chapter 4 David is pleading for an answer to his prayers as the pressure of circumstances around Him build to a point which seem unbearable.


In Chapter 5 David reminds the Lord of his continuous pleas, his relentless call upon the name of the Lord, to deliver him and his people from their current situation calling upon the Lord to deal with his tormentors. David not only seeks relief from his tormentors he also asks the Lord to lead him in righteousness.


I call out to the Lord, From the Lord comes deliverance.  (Psalms 3:4, NIV)

May your blessing be on your people.and he answers me from his holy mountain.  (Psalms 3:8, NIV)


King David is the perfect example of a great man, a great leader, a righteous man of the Bible who struggled. He struggled with sin. He struggled with his sons. He struggled with foreign enemies of the kingdom he ruled. David was a man who had challenges. What set David apart from others was His relationship with God. David confessed his sin and never flinched at the correction God would deal him for those transgressions. David also understood that following God with his whole heart did not mean that life would be trouble free. He also understood that taking his problems to God, seeking God’s help and God’s direction was all he could do. King David understood the importance of seeking a righteous life that is pleasing to God and he understood that sometimes he had to be patient for the deliverance for which he so anxiously awaited.


As you journal or reflect on today’s reading you need to evaluate two areas of your life:

1. What is your relationship with the Lord like? How can you improve it?
2. How good are your waiting skills?



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