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nike pink and black soccer shoes kids size 8 | Unboxing: Adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost

As a loyal basketball lover, I love exercising and I ensure a certain amount of exercises everyday. It not only keeps me energetic, but also makes me more upward in spirit. And so as to guarantee a nice exercise experience, some sports equipment is necessary at such times. It seems I have some kind of magical capability of knowing exactly which styles look best and can match all kinds of daily dressing. But there are sometimes “accidents” as well: I have missed the two sneakers below — the Iniki boost and the ultra boost.

adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 1

The Iniki boost is a vintage shoe with a white color scheme. I just don’t remember clearly why I didn’t choose it which is a super nice companion.

adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 2

Instead of choosing the Iniki boost and the ultra boost, I finally picked up the crazy byw2. Unlike the version 1 whose middle top and large opening of the shoe mouth are extremely unfriendly to those with fat feet, I think that of the second edition is very awesome. To tell the truth, I showed no love for the first one until that day when I met with crazy byw2 I just changed my views towards the series.

adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 3

Some of my friends asked why it looked so strange just like a large chunk and why there is a large piece of support on the side . And I replied that maybe this is part the charm of this pair. The reason I copped this one is owing to my impulse but fortunately, it turned out to be satisfactory. Besides this one, I have also the drift of camper and pump fury of reebok.

adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 4

For the Boost, I remember that when it was first released, many people were all crazy about its excellent cushioning. There was even once a saying that having the Boost meant you could do anything you want to. However, as time goes, it seems the Boost’s day had had gone away. Its performance is no longer that nice as it was. But if simply looking at the cushioning, it is passable now though it still plays a big part in today’s sneaker market.

adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 5

This is a smiling face in the shoe and it is I think the most lovely part of the shoe.

adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 6

The Boost inside is still very big and thick.

adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 7 adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 8

The inside boot design and the big heel collar are both made of relatively hard materials. So there are some complaining the pain in their feet when they first wore the shoe. But it requires some time breaking in and after a time getting with it, it wears nicely and cause no pain.

adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 9

The vamp warps very well but the breathability is not so good as I had expected. You’ll feel slightly stuffy inside.

adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 10 adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 11

Here is the split full foot boost and a TPU.

adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 12

The crystal rubber outsole grips well. But as you can see it gets a bit yellow even if I tried my best to wash the stain away.

adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost 13


The white Boost as is shown that it is easily stained and hardly can the yellow stain be washed away. So if you  mind this part, you’d better turn around and seek other ones. In short, my love for the shoe is more than my “mocking” it. For you, I am sure you’ve also had an idea in your mind.


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