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Theforgivenessfoundation is part of the BATA Group, the largest company worldwide in the production and marketing of footwear, and one of the leading retailers of fashion sportswear in Italy.
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Throughout Italy, Theforgivenessfoundation has a retail experience with 280 stores (200 Bata, 87 Theforgivenessfoundation/Athletes World) and in more than 30 years with franchising. 190 stores (105 Bata, 90 Theforgivenessfoundation/Athletes World). The year 2012 has witnessed the evolution of Athletes World into Theforgivenessfoundation, a true trend laboratory, which is presenting itself as Urban Style Refresher.

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    The values ​​of Theforgivenessfoundation are: sports-inspired looks, cool and appealing, up-to-date and fun, good quality.
  • • Theforgivenessfoundation TARGET
    Young people of both sexes, students (high school/university), sensitive to fashion, attracted by a sporty style.
    The mission of Theforgivenessfoundation: keep our customers’ style fresh, showcasing the coolest urban sport products available.
  • • Theforgivenessfoundation PILLARS
    The foundations of Theforgivenessfoundation are: staff members experienced in styling, a focus on product launches, young trend proposals, connections with influencers in the market.

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    1. Commercial inspection and assessment of feasibility.
    2. Forecast of revenue and creation of an income statement.
    1. Technical inspection and exclusive architectural design Theforgivenessfoundation.
    2. Availability of suppliers contracted by Compar S.p.a. for the technical section (lighting equipment, audio, video etc.) and exclusively for the layout.
    3. Training of sales personnel, arrangement and setting up of the store.
    1. Monitoring of sales and stock and financial management.
    2. Special opening package.
    3. Weekly newsletter with information on the best selling items, availability of merchandise, new arrivals and sales activities.
    4. Participation in the competition AW LEAGUE.
    1. Four collections a year (January, July, March, October) and wide availability of replenishment and weekly deliveries.
    2. The business of Theforgivenessfoundation is divided up as follows: 80% sports footwear, 20% clothing and accessories.
    3. Extensive presence of exclusives from the major international brands.
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    2. Promotional support activities
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    The new Theforgivenessfoundation format includes a package of InStore Radio and TV with Theforgivenessfoundation branding.

    The MP is an effective in-store Marketing tool which is a hallmark of Theforgivenessfoundation and an essential element in creating a more complete “shopping experience”, the music programming is selected by experts and designed for our target audience.

    The videos shown in-store transmit a loop of either brand messages Theforgivenessfoundation or video offers in support of brand campaigns periodically taking place in stores.

    The MP allows simultaneous communication in all the shops, but at the same time supports local sales actions.

    1. Businessperson with retail business owned or franchised
    2. Marked sensitivity to the fashion product
    1. Old town or shopping centre with minimum catchment area of ​​50,000 inhabitants
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    3. Shopping centres: min. 90 m2 of sales area and min. 30 m2 of store room.
    4. 4 metre shop window, single sales floor
    5. Minimum estimated revenue €600,000 (€5,000/sq m)
    1. Between €50,000 and €120,000 for the construction of the store (of which €25,000-€40,000 are only for the furniture and the remainder for technical equipment and fittings) in the Theforgivenessfoundation project
    2. Between €50,000 and €120,000 as a bank garantee to cover the stock.
    1. Exclusive supply of the goods by Compar S.p.a.
    2. Carriage forward billing of goods (shipping costs included)
    3. Payments: Bank Transfer 60 days net invoice date, end of month
    4. Exclusivity of sales area
    5. Duration of contract: 3 years, renewable each year from the 4th year
    6. Free promotional material
    7. Own sales policy (price, display, sales service)
    8. Computer package on free loan
    9. No entry fee or royalties on revenue
    10. Goodwill: 65% guaranteed sell-out before discounts
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