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Two men and zero women have been

executed in the United States in 2019.

78 Killed in Dhaka, Bangladesh
At least 78 individuals have been killed, and dozens injured, after a fire in the historic Dhaka district, the capital of Bangladesh. In the area of the fire, buildings are closely packed together, with narrow streets, and many buildings are run-down. The fire is believed to have been caused when fuel cylinder in a car exploded. The fire spread rapidly. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for healing for the injured. Please pray for all that are affected.
9 Killed in Chittagong, Bangladesh
At least nine individuals have been killed, and over 50 others injured, after a fire in a slum in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The cause of the fires is suspected to be a short circuit. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for healing for the injured. Please pray for all those affected.
5 Killed in Aurora, Illinois
Five individuals were shot and killed at a manufacturing plant in Aurora, Illinois. Five police officers were injured and the gunman was eventually killed by the police. On the day of the shooting, the shooter was being fired from his position at the plant, where he had worked for the last 15 years. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for healing for the injured. Please pray for peace.
4 Killed in Kashmir
Four Indian soldiers have been killed in India-administered Kashmir, following a clash with militants. Recently, in the same region, over 40 others were killed in a suicide attack. Pakistani and Indian forces have been battling over the area. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for peace.
Flooded Gold Mine in Zimbabwe
Nine miners have been rescued alive from a flooded, illegal gold mine in Zimbabwe, while the bodies of 24 others have been recovered. Flooding occurring after a dam burst. While nine have been rescued, dozens of others remain missing and are feared dead. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for the missing miners and for their families.
Force Withdraw Agreement in Yemen
Government and rebel forces have reached an agreement to withdraw forces around the port of Hudaydah. The withdraw is part of a ceasefire agreement reached last year. The conflict began in 2015, and has resulted in thousands of civilian deaths and injuries. Please pray for peace in the region. Please pray for the families of the deceased and for healing for the injured.
7 Killed in Haiti
At least seven individuals have been killed as a result of protests against the government in Haiti. Protesters are protesting the soaring inflation and accuse the government of corruption and misappropriation of funds. The protesters have also asked for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise. The President has rejected the idea. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Pleas pray for peace.
17 Killed in New Delhi, India
At least 17 individuals have been killed after a fire in a hotel in New Delhi, India. Thirty-five others were rescued from the fire and 19 were taken to the hospital for injured. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for healing for the injured.
Heat Wave in Australia
A record heat wave, following a record drought, in Australia have farmers, and others, worried. The drought and heat have caused animals to die and worries that crops will not be able to be planted. Across the globe, the United States is experiencing record cold temperatures. Please pray for all those affected by extreme temperatures. Please pray for their safety and health.

Columbus Day has become a controversial holiday in America.  Some view Christopher Columbus as a great explorer, who founded new worlds and brought science and enlightenment to “savages.”  Others view him as a man who brought disease, illness, and death to many civilizations.  Should we celebrate his discovery or should we mourn what his coming brought?  Perhaps we should do both.  


Part of the reason for the controversy is the way history was recorded.  When Columbus set sail on August 3, 1492, he was setting out to find a water route to Asia, as going overland was difficult and growing more and more dangerous.  Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain gave Columbus three ships, 90 sailors, and money for the voyage.  Over two months later on October 12, 1492, Columbus and his crew landed on an island in present day Central America.  Columbus mistakenly believed that he had reached India and called the natives “Indians.”


Columbus returned to Spain, declaring the voyage a success.  He also brought back gold, exciting others with dreams of becoming wealthy in a new land.  Columbus returned with 1500 hundred men, including priests and missionaries.  Columbus was to “Christianize” the natives of the new land, by orders of the King and Queen of Spain, just as they had cleansed and cleaned Spain through the Spanish Inquisition.  They thought that they were providing a service and later historical records continued this thought.  When history was first recorded, they looked at it through their own lives and experiences.  They failed to see the perspective of the so-called savages. 


Additionally, history failed to record several earlier journeys.  Columbus was obviously not the first person to discover the Americas, as civilizations had been living there for at least hundreds, if not thousands of years.  Columbus was also not the first European to sail to the Americas.  Viking Leif Ericson made the trip approximately 500 years before Columbus.


So what lessons can we, as Christians, take from this?  Be wary of recorded history.  It is recorded from one side of any event, often without giving thought to how the other side may view the event.


For inquire, please, of bygone ages, and consider what the fathers have searched out. For we are but of yesterday and know nothing, for our days on earth are a shadow. Will they not teach you and tell you and utter words out of their understanding? (Job 8:8-10, ESV)


Biblical history and history taught in secular schools are not two separate versions of history.  As parents, you can challenge your children to identify what events they learn about in school correlate with which events in the Bible.  Help your children examine the historical events in the Bible especially how those events relate to the teachings of the Bible.  


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