September 18, 2014

IDPN 2014  Issue 38


Afghanistan: On September 12, 2012, fifteen armed attackers dressed in Army uniforms and carrying automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades entered British Camp Bastion, an airfield adjoining Camp Letherneck.  Two marines were killed and six aircraft destroyed before the attackers were taken down.  The sole surviving perpetrator, 24-year-old Mohammed Nazeer, was sentenced to death by an Afghan court earlier this month.


Of the seven men convicted of stopping a caravan of vehicles returning from a  wedding, robbing the occupants, and raping the women, five have had their death sentences upheld.  The other two have had their sentences reduced to 20 years imprisonment, as the court found insufficient evidence to support a death sentence.  The men claim their confessions were extracted through torture.



Belgium: Frank Van Den Bleeken, approximately 50 years of age, is a convicted murderer and rapist serving a life sentence.  He has no possibility of release, as he is unable to overcome his violent and sexual impulses.  Belgium, like the majority of Europe, does not have the death penalty.  Recently, Frank has successfully argued that he wants to be killed through medically assisted suicide to end his years of mental anguish.  No date has been set for a medical procedure, nor is it clear where it would take place.



Chad: The African nation of Chad has adopted a penal code that is aimed at abolishing the death penalty.  The government plans to replace the death penalty with life imprisonment with no chance of parole.  No executions have occurred in Chad since 2003.



Indonesia: The death sentence for Freddy Budiman has been upheld by the Supreme Court.  Freddy is a convicted drug lord who was later convicted of running a drug ring from behind bars, with ecstasy imported from China.  Freddy bribed guards and the warden of his prison to turn a blind eye to his activities.  Freddy has since been moved to a more secure location.  



Iran: On Monday, September 15, 2014, an unidentified prisoner was executed by hanging in the city of Uromiyeh in north western Iran.  


On Tuesday, September 16, 2014, a prisoner, identified by initials only, was executed by hanging in the city of Qom.  He was executed for drug related charges.


On Thursday, September 18, 2014, five men - Bahram, Edalat, Mohammad, Jahanbakhsh B., and Hossein Sh - were executed by hanging.  Bahram, Edalat, Mohammad, and Jahanbakhsh were executed publicly in Azadi (Liberty) Square of Shiraz.  Bahram, Edalat, and Mohammad, were charged with kidnapping and rape.  Jahanbakhsh was charged with corruption on earth and armed robbery.  Hossein was publicly hanged in Sardsht in southern Iran.  He was also charged with corruption on earth and armed robbery.



Japan: Following in the footsteps of the American Bar Association, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations is creating guidelines for lawyers defending in capital cases.  The goal of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations is to improve lawyers performance in the courtroom by establishing a national standard of the special attention capital cases require.



Nigeria: On Tuesday, September 16, 2014, twelve Nigerian soldiers were sentenced to death for mutiny.  Earlier this year, the 12 soldiers had fired shots at their commanding officer.  Their unit was fighting Boko Haram insurgents.



Saudi Arabia: Three individuals - Saudi national Fahd al-Said, Iraqi national Abderrahman al-Muaissab, and Saudi national Saad al-Oteibi - have been executed by beheading in Riyadh on Friday, September 12, 2014.  Fahd and Abderrahman were convicted of the murder of Hossa bin Abid during a robbery at her house.  Saad, a repeat offender, was convicted of bring drugs, specifically amphetamines and hashish, into the country.


On Tuesday, September 16, 2014, Syrian national Mohammed Ismail al-Jammus was executed by beheading for smuggling amphetamines into the country.  His execution brings the total number of executions for Saudi Arabia this year to 54 individuals.



Sudan: Two unnamed individuals have been executed by hanging at the Federal Kober Prison in Khartoum.  The two men killed two Chinese workers at the Abu Dafra oil field in West Kordofan in 2008.



United States of America: On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, Lisa Ann Coleman was executed by the state of Texas.  Lisa was 38 years of age.  She was executed for kidnapping and murdering 9-year-old Davontae Williams, the son of her lover, on July 26, 2004.  Read her full story here.


The Department of Corrections in Alabama has announced that it has established a new execution procedure after it ran out of its previous execution drug.  The new protocol is modeled on Florida’s execution protocol and includes a 500 milligram dose of midazolam hydrochloride (a sedative), a 600 milligram dose of rocuronium bromide (a paralytic), and a 240 “milliequivalent” of potassium chloride, which stops the heart.  It is currently unknown if the state has any of the new drugs to carry out executions or how they plan to acquire the drugs.


Sixty-one-year-old Eddie Lee Howard, Jr., was convicted of the rape and murder of an 84-year-old woman in Mississippi.  Eddie was convicted using “forensic dentistry,” matching Eddie’s teeth to bite marks found on the woman.  Eddie is now appealing his case, as “forensic dentistry” has been found to be faulty, especially as the bite wounds were only found on the victim’s body after it had been buried and exhumed.  Since 2000, at least 17 individuals who were convicted using this science have had their convictions overturned when DNA tests showed they had been wrongly accused.


Representative Mike Christine in Oklahoma plans to present a new option for execution in the state legislature: nitrogen gas.  Execution by nitrogen gas replaces oxygen with nitrogen gas and is believed to be quick and painless.