July 1, 2016

IDPN 2016  Issue 27


Indonesia:  Five individuals - Wong Chi Ping, Cheung Hon Ming, Siu Cheuk Fung, Tam Siu Liung, and Ahmad Salim Wijaya - have been sentenced to death for trafficking drugs.  Ahmad is the only Indonesian national, the others are from Hong Kong.  Wong is a known international drug kingpin.  All were arrested attempting to smuggle meth from China to Indonesia.



Pakistan: Three individuals, Anjum, Javed Naz, and Jaffer Ali, have been sentenced to death for blasphemy.  Anjum and Javed are Christians while Jaffer is a Muslim.  In addition to being sentenced to death, Javed and Jaffer have been sentenced to an additional 35 years, plus a fine.  Anjum has also been fined.



Philippines:  Rodrigo Duterte has been sworn in as President of the Philippines.  As part of his campaign, Rodrigo has promised to reinstate the death penalty and get tough on crime.  He has also advocated for communities to rally against drug offenders, including killing them without fearing repercussions.



Syria:  Five Syrian media activists have been killed by the Islamic State in Deir Ezzor, in the eastern part of the nation.  Militants stated that these murders were warning for any journalists or media activists opposed to the Islamic State.  At least three other journalists have recently been killed by the terrorist group in Turkey.



United States of America: The State of Arizona is currently unable to carry out executions due to a lack of drugs.  On May 31, 2016, the supply of midazolam that was on hand, expired.  Arizona is currently unable to obtain more of the drug due to sellers unwillingness to sell for use in executions.  Arizona has other drug option, however, they are also having difficulties obtaining those drugs.  Executions are on hold in the state until Arizona can obtain more drugs.


Over two dozen executions have been scheduled in Ohio for the next three years, beginning with the execution of Ronald Phillips on January 12, 2017.  However, the state has yet to find a supplier for its needed execution drugs.  Lethal injection is currently the only method allowed by the state to carry out executions.  If Ohio remains unable to obtain drugs, it would be necessary to change state law to allow for a firing squad, hanging, or the electric chair - all methods approved for execution by the Supreme Court of the United States.


Three inmates, Ricky Chase, Richard Jordan, and Thomas Loden, who were suing the state of Mississippi over lethal injection drugs, have had their appealed denied by the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The ruling dissolves a freeze placed on executions in Mississippi by Judge Henry T. Wingate.



Vietnam: Seventy-three-year-old Nguyen Thi Huong has been convicted of trafficking heroin by hiding it bars of soap.  Nguyen, born in Vietnam but a resident of Australia, has been sentenced to death.  She was traveling from Vietnam to Australia when she was arrested.