December 8, 2017

IDPN 2017 Issue 49

Afghanistan: Five unnamed individuals were executed at Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Kabul. The five were members of a criminal group that had organized several kidnappings and murder in Herat.



India: The scheduled execution of Tahir Merchant has been stayed by the Supreme Court. Tahir is convicted in the 1993 serial bombings in Mumbai. Tahir has claimed he was not involved in the bombing. Tahir is also convicted of training several others also of the bombings, as well as making travel arrangements and financing the travel and accommodations.

A bill has been passed by the Madhya Pradesh Assembly and sent to President Ram Nath Kovind for approval. This bill would allow the death penalty for those convictions of raping a child 12 years of age on younger. The bill also stiffens penalties for stalking, disrobing, or sex with the pretext of marriage. Rape has been an ongoing problem in the nation.



Pakistan: Twenty-year-old Shamira has been sentenced to death for the murder of 23-year-old Sadaqat Ali in 2016. The two were allegedly estranged lovers. Ali was killed when Shamira threw acid on him. Shamira has admitted to the crime and says she was upset when he chose to marry another. She denies intending to killing, only wanting to injure him so that he could not marry another.



Thailand: Fifty-year-old Shimon Sakira Bitton, an Israeli nation has been sentenced to death for the murder of 63-year-old fellow Israeli national Eliyahu Cohen. Shimon, with the help of his 17-year-old son, killed Eliyahu in a fit of jealous rage and then hid his body, lying to the Israeli embassy about his whereabouts. Shimon has also been linked to a 1997 murder. Shimon’s son has not yet stood trial. Thailand’s last execution occurred in 2009.



United States of America: Lawyers for Ohio death row inmate Austin Myers are appealing his death sentence, arguing that it is “patently unfair.” When Austin was 19 years of age, he was involved in home burglary of Justin Back, a friend, who was killed during the robbery. Austin was later sentenced to death, however his accomplice, Tim Mosley was the man who deliver the fatal knife wounds. Tim received a life sentence after striking a plea bargain with the prosecution. The robbery was devised by Austin a way to steal a safe and a gun. Justin’s murder was also always part of the plan. Austin’s lawyers are arguing that due to Austin’s youth at the time of the crime and the sentence received by the actually murderer, that Austin’s sentence should be reduced.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing Nebraska for refusing their request to publicly identify the company that supplied the state with lethal injection drugs. Nebraska officials contend that the identify of suppliers is protected as part of the execution team, whose identities are confidential. Several similar lawsuits have occurred in other states.

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