May 11, 2018

IDPN 2018 Issue 19

Bangladesh: Riaz Uddin Fakir has been sentenced to death for his role in the genocide at Mymensingh during the Liberation War in 1971. Four allegations brought against Fakir have been proven, and he was sentenced to death on two of those charges. He received life sentences for the other two charges. During the Liberation War against Pakistan, Fakir was a member of Al-Badr, a paramilitary force responsible for mass killings, and Jamaat-e-Islami, a terrorist group that opposed the liberation struggle. Fakir is currently 69 years of age and has been in prison since his trial started in December 2016.



Iran: On Saturday, May 5, 2018, an unnamed man was executed by hanging at Babol Prison. The 27-year-old was executed for a murder committed in 2015, over a financial dispute.



Sudan: A 19-year-old Sudanese woman, Noura Hussein, has been sentenced to death for murdering her husband. The woman claims she was forcibly married and then raped, with the assistance of her family. Noura attempted to escape her marriage but was tricked into returning home by her family who handed her over to her husband and his family. Her family also handed her over to the police after the murder. Noura and her attorneys can appeal the sentence.



Pakistan: The death sentences for 11 men convicted of various murder charges has been upheld by Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa. The men were tried by a special military court and confessed to their crimes prior to being sentenced.



United States of America: On Friday, May 4, 2018, Robert Earl Butts, Jr. was executed by the state of Georgia. He was 40 years of age. Robert was executed for the murder of Donovan Corey Parks in March 1996. Read more about Robert and his execution here.

On Monday, May 7, 2018, Marcel Emanuel Johnson was scheduled to be executed in Pennsylvania. His execution was stayed by the Bucks County Common Pleas Court in order to allow time for Marcel to complete his appeals. Twenty-five-year-old Marcel is convicted of murdering 22-year-old Ebony Talley, who was pregnant, and her 4-year-old daughter R.R. on November 25, 2013, in Levittown, Pennsylvania. Read more about the case here.

Darren D. Vann has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of seven women in Indiana. Darren could have been sentenced to death, however, as part of his plea agreement, he was spared the death penalty, instead reaching a life sentence. Darren is convicted of murdering 19-year-old Afrikka Hardy, 35-year-old Anith Jones, 28-year-old Teaira Batey, 41-year-old Tracy Martin, 36-year-old Kristine Williams, 53-year-old Sonya Billingsley, and 27-year-old Tanya Gatlin.

Derek Tyler Horton, a former death row inmate in Alabama, has been resentenced to life in prison. Derek was sentenced to death six years ago for the murder of 59-year-old Jeanette Romprey in April 2010. Derek’s death sentence was overturned during a five-day retrial. He was granted a retail due to the prosecution improperly introducing evidence of his “prior bad acts.”



Vietnam: The death sentences have been upheld for Nguyen Xuan Son, the former Director General of OceanBank. He was sentenced to death for “property embezzlement.” He also received a life sentenced of abusing his position and power, and a 17-year sentence for deliberately violating regulations, all for personal gain. Additionally, three other high ranking former officials have had their various prison sentences upheld.

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