August 31, 2018

IDPN 2018 Issue 35

Egypt: Islam Mohamed, Mohamed Sabri, Mohamed Nasar, Ibrahim Abd El-Daher, Abd ElRahman Mostafa, and Mohamed Mahmoud Hesham have all been sentenced to death. They have been convicted of terror related crimes, including an ambush in Al Khasos city, which resulted in the death of a police officer and several others being injured. Several others involved in the crime have received various prison sentences.



India: Twenty-four-year-old Ram Sona, has been sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a 5-year-old girl who was “deaf and dumb.” This is the first death sentence since lawmakers passed a new law regarding punishment for the rape of a child below the age of 12.



Iran: Thirty-seven-year-old Shahram Mohammadi was executed by hanging at Ardabil central prison on Sunday, August 26, 2018. He was convicted of murder.

On Sunday, August 26, 2018, at least three prisoners were reportedly executed by hanging at Rajai Shahr Prison. All were convicted of murder. One of the prisoners was identified as Abbas Aqaiy. The other two have not yet been identified.



Malaysia: Two tourist from Chile are facing the death penalty for the death of a Malaysian national. Felipe Osiadacz and Fernando Candia have pled not guilty to murder and are arguing that they acted in self-defense. Felipe and Fernando claim they were attacked by the deceased and fought back before calling the police. They were visiting Malaysia on holiday.

Forty-four-year-old Lim Hup Yap has been sentenced to death for murdering Lim Cheong Wah at a coffee shop in 2016. Lim, who was unemployed attempted to claim that he was insane at the time of the murder.



Taiwan: Fifty-year-old former death row inmate Cheng Hsing-tse has been granted NT$17,288 million (US$562,925) in compensation by the High Court. Cheng was falsely convicted of killing a police officer. He spent over 10 years in prison before he was acquitted and released.



Turkey: Political leaders have agreed to restore the death penalty for terrorists and those who murder woman and children. The decision has not yet been implanted and, if it is, will mean an immediate end to the nation’s bid to join the European Union. Turkey fully abolished the death penalty in 2004, and is required for membership into the European Union. Several Turkish leaders have been frustrated with the slow pace of achieving members and after the failed 2017 coup, many politicians believe it is time to restore the death penalty.



United States of America: On Thursday, August 30, 2018, Joseph Garcia was scheduled to be executed in Texas. His execution has been stayed. Joseph was a member of the “Texas 7,” a group of seven inmates in Texas who broke out of prison and eventually murdered 29-year-old Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins on December 24, 2000, in Irving, Texas. Read more about Joseph and the crime here.

Fifty-one, out of the 180 death row inmates in Alabama have singed statements saying that they would rather be executed by nitrogen gas instead of lethal injection. Lawmakers in Alabama voted to allow nitrogen hypoxia as an alternative execution method last year. However, there are likely years of litigation before such a method will be employed and officials have yet to determine how exactly it will be administered.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker has sentenced Anthony Kirkland to death inOhio. Anthony was sentenced to death for the murder of 14-year-old Casonya Crawford and 13-year-old Esme Kenney. He was also separately convicted of murdering three others.

Thirty-two-year-old Peter Avsenew has been convicted of the murder of homosexual couple Kevin Adams and Steven Powell in Wilton Manors, Florida in 2010. Peter had been living with the couple for a few weeks prior to murdering them. After murdering Kevin and Steven, Peter stole their SUV, and used their credit cards. In a letter to a judge, Peter showed no remorse and admitted to the killings, saying, “Homosexuals are a disgrace to mankind and must be put down.”

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