March 18, 2020

15The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,
    and his ears are attentive to their cry;
16but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil,
    to blot out their name from the earth.
(Psalm 34:15-16, NIV)


PSALMS 33-35


Focus Verses For Today: Psalms 34:15-16

Todays journey through Psalms 33-35 is the journey of prayer, praise, and deliverance.

Take some time to ask God to reveal Himself to you, to reveal His meaning of the words He gave King David to you, as you read Psalms 33-35. Let’s journey!


Psalm 33-35: King David writes of the importance of praising the Lord to the fullest of our abilities. He makes it clear that He believes that God created everything by speaking it into existence. He writes that God is watching over all of us, all the time. The Lord loves justice. The Lord delivers those who follow Him from death. King David teaches that praising the Lord is not only for times of joy. King David found himself in serious trouble in Psalm 34, and his solution to his predicament was to seek the Lord in prayer and praise the Lord for being the Lord. King David is being afflicted by his enemies. He seeks deliverance from his predicament and the Lord’s justice on his afflicters. (Psalms 33:1-35:28)


Our focus verses for today:




Often it is difficult to see the Lord working when, it seems, we continuously encounter struggles and hardships. Sometimes things appear to be hopeless. It is safe to say, that most of the time, it is hard to see the Lord’s protection. Where is the deliverance you may be asking? If you are following the study of Job, you will find Job is asking the same question. The deliverance is in trusting and obeying the Lord. King David and Job shared a common thread in their lives. They knew they could not understand the ways of the Lord, (Isaiah 55:8-9); but, they knew they could trust in His promise to deliver them. When was the last time you shouted or sang for joy because the Lord - Is! He is! When was the last time you praised the Lord! Let’s make it now!




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