Ramiro Hernandez-Llanas, Texas


Update: April 9, 2014

Shortly after 6 pm CDT, on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, Ramiro Hernandez a/k/a Ramiro Hernandez-Llanas was executed by the state of Texas. The execution was carried out at the Walls Unit of the Huntsville State Penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas. Ramiro was 44 years of age. Ramiro was executed for the murder of 48-year-old former Schreiner College and Baylor University history professor, Glen H. Lich on October 14, 1997, in Bandera County, Texas. Ramiro spent the last 14 years of his life on Texas' death row.

Ramiro was born in Tamaulipas, Mexico, and received no more than a 4th grade education. During his childhood, he allegedly received a head injury and suffered from extreme abuse, neglect, poverty, and exposure to toxins. According to neighbors who knew Ramiro as a child, Ramiro would often wander off until someone went to find him, failed to grasp the rules of games such as baseball, was easily distracted, could not perform simple skills such as separating colored bottles, could not make change, and had a poor memory. While in Mexico, Ramiro was convicted of murder. Ramiro escaped from prison in Mexico and came to the United States of America. After coming to America, Ramiro allegedly killed an individual in a bar fight. He spent four years in prison for an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon conviction. While in prison awaiting trial for the murder of Glen, Ramiro stabbed and killed a female jailer. He was frequently found to be in possession of homemade weapons while in jail. Prior to his arrest, Ramiro worked as a laborer.

In July of 1997, Ramiro Hernandez arrived at the Kerrville, Texas home of Glen and Lera Lich to assist a carpenter renovating the ranch house and other buildings. After working for the Lich's for approximately three months, Hernandez reached an agreement with them in which he could board at the ranch in exchange for assisting with the renovation.


Around 10 pm on October 14, 1997, after Hernandez had been staying at the ranch for about ten days, Hernandez knocked on the Lich's bedroom door. Glen and Hernandez went outside to talk, while Lera stayed inside reading the paper. Shortly thereafter, Lera looked up and saw Hernandez outside. He opened the door and entered the bedroom. He was covered in blood and holding a knife in his hand as he approached Lera. Hernandez held the knife to her throat, tore off her glasses and clothes, forced her onto the bed, and raped her.


Lera attempted to communicate with Hernandez, but she spoke very little Spanish, and he spoke very little English. Lere often only understood single words. After raping her twice, Hernandez made several phone calls and then tied her to the bed using strips of a towel. Hernandez covered her face with a blanket and proceeded to ransack the bedroom for valuables. After searching the room, Hernandez threatened Lera's elderly mother, who was asleep in a separate bedroom and asked for the keys to the Lich's Jeep. Hernandez took the keys, went outside, and started the Jeep, but turned it off after a few minutes and returned to the bedroom.


Hernandez secured Lera using wires and made another round of phone calls, after which, he yanked the phones off the hook. He again raped Lera twice. When Lera asked about her husband, Hernandez indicated that she would see him again if she gave him the money he demanded. Hernandez also threatened Lera's elderly mother and Lera's daughter. She was told not the call the police if she wanted to live. Hernandez then fell asleep with his arms around Lera.


Lera was able to escape and went to a neighbor's home to call the police. Hernandez was still asleep when sheriff's deputies arrived. Hernandez violently resisted arrest, but he was eventually subdued and arrested. Police searched the Lich residence and found Glen's body, with his skull battered beyond recognition.


Hernandez was found guilty on February 8, 2000, after a jury deliberated for approximately five minutes. He was sentenced to be executed.


Earlier this month, Ramiro Hernandez-Llanas was granted a stay of execution by US District Court Judge Vanessa Gilmore, until Texas revealed the source of their execution drug. That stay was later overturned by a three-judge panel of the United States 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.


Please pray for peace and healing for Lera Lich and the family of Glen Lich. Please pray for strength for the family of Ramiro Hernandez.



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