March 31, 2014


After spending 14 years on Mississippi's death row, Michelle Byrom has, in a rare move, been granted a retrial by the Mississippi Supreme Court. Recently the Mississippi Supreme Court refused to affirm a request for an execution date for Michelle, along with another death row inmate, Charles Ray Crawford. Michelle was convicted of a murder-for-hire to kill her husband Edward Byrom, Sr. Michelle and her attorneys have argued that they have new evidence that Michelle's son, Edward Byrom, Jr., committed the murder. Before Edward's trial, for which he was given a 50 year sentence with 20 years suspended, he admitted to a court appointed forensic psychologist that he killed his father. This evidence was never presented to the jury at Michelle's trial, nor was the psychologist allowed to testify. Edward did testify at his mother's trial - against her, recanting his confession. Michelle is also arguing her original trial lawyer failed to show evidence of the physical and sexual abuse she received from her husband. In addition to granting Michelle a retrial, Mississippi Supreme Court has also ruled that Michelle's original trial judge is to be replaced with new judge.