Naeem Williams, Federal


June 28, 2014

On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, the trial began for Naeem Williams, a Hawaii based soldier accused of abusing and ultimately killing his five-year-old daughter Talia Williams. If convicted, Naeem was facing the possibility of the death penalty, which would be the first death penalty case tried in the state. Hawaii banned the death penalty in the 1950's, however, since Naeem was tried in federal court, capital punishment was a possible outcome. The jury, seven men and five women, are required to unanimously agree to recommend the death penalty. Naeem's wife, Delilah Williams, step-mother to Talia, has pled guilty and has agreed to testify against Naeem in exchange for a 20-year sentence.

Naeem's trial concluded in June. He was convicted of murder, however the jury was unable to unanimously agree to sentence him to death. Naeem will serve a sentence of life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Talia lived with her mother, Tarshia Williams until her father was awarded custody of her in January of 2005, after the Department of Social Services in South Carolina determined Tarshia was an unfit mother as Talia was malnourished and had stunted development. Tarshia is expected to testify at Naeem's trial.


Talia was killed on June 16, 2005, following months of alleged abuse and torture including being forced to eat her own feces, being whipped with a belt while being duct-taped to a bedpost, and being hit with a plastic ruler, nicknamed "Mr. Paddle," so hard that it broke. The final blow that killed Talia was to her chest and left knuckle imprints. Delilah is expected to give a first-hand account of the abuse that occurred. Naeem is also expected to take the stand in his own defense. Naeem alleges that his wife caused Talia's death, as she was more hostile and violent to Talia than he was. Naeem also alleges that it was the prior abuse that killed Talia, not the fresh injuries. Naeem is facing five charges including child abuse felony murder, a pattern and practice of assault and torture, conspiracy to commit a pattern and practice of assault and torture, obstruction of justice, and making a materially false statement.


Please pray for the family of Talia. Please pray that Naeem and Delilah will come to find personal relationships with Jesus Christ, if they have not already.



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