Henry James was released from Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana on Friday, October 21, 2011. James was sentenced to life in prison for a rape that DNA evidence recently proved he did not commit in 1981. James, now 50, began a life sentence when he was 20 years old. Thirty years later, Henry James is a free man. Can you imagine spending 30 years in prison being innocent? The Innocence Project of Louisiana was instrumental in doing the work that helped get Henry James, an innocent man, released from prison.

Please pray that God reveals the innocent men and women in prison to the authorities that they may be set free. Your prayer is important. Henry James is an example of God's intervention. James was convicted and sentenced before DNA was customarily used in criminal prosecutions. By the time the Innocence Project got involved in Henry James' case, most of the evidence was gone and DNA was not cared for in the same way that it is today. All DNA evidence relating to Henry's case appeared to be missing or contaminated. It looked hopeless.  Then a lab worker, working on another case, found a sample of the DNA relating to Henry James' case. The inadvertent discovery freed an innocent man. Do you believe that the discovery of DNA evidence was coincidence? Please pray for the innocent.