Michael Morton was released from a Texas prison after serving 25 years of a life sentence for a murder he did not commit. This case has two very disturbing facts. The first is that Michael was accused of killing his wife. Michael was offered a deal by the prosecution which would have reduced his sentence dramatically but Michael refused. Michael believed that an innocent man cannot be convicted of a crime he did not commit.

The second disturbing fact is that Michael’s attorneys had to fight tooth and nail to get the prosecution to co-operate with DNA testing. Michael may still be in prison; but, the sheriff of a neighboring county noticed similarities in a murder that occurred in his county and Michael's wife's murder: a murder that occurred while Michael was in prison. With the assistance of the sheriff from that neighboring county, it was discovered that the person who murdered his victim was the same person who killed Michael's wife. Michael is an innocent man. Michael is an innocent man who spent 25 years of his adult life in prison. Michael was 52 years old when he was released from prison earlier this month.

Please pray for Michael. Please pray for his adjustment to life as a free man.