Would Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agents Frame an Innocent Man?

Innocent People Go to Prison!


In 1965, Edward “Teddy” Deegan, a small-time thug, was shot and killed in an alley in Boston, Massachusetts.Joseph “The Animal” Barbooza named Joseph Salvati, Peter Limone, Henry Tameleo, and Louis Greco as Deegan’s killers. The fact is Joseph Barbooza was a mob hit-man known by FBI agents, Dennis Condon and H. Paul Rico. The fact is Joseph Barbooza did not witness anything. The fact is the FBI was interested in protecting the freedom of their informant, Vincent “Jimmy” Flemmi, who was involved in the Deegan slaying. The fact is Joseph Barbooza and FBI agents, Condon and Rico, shared a mutual interest in Flemmi not going to prison.Barbooza testified that he saw Salvati, Limone, Tameleo, and Greco murder Deegan.The fact is Salvati, Limone, Tameleo, and Greco are innocent.Tameleo died in prison after serving 18 years as an innocent man, Greco died in 1995, after serving 28 years as an innocent man, Salvati’s sentence was commuted in 1997, after serving more than 29 years of a life sentence as an innocent man, and Limone was released in 2001, after serving 33 years in prison as an innocent man– the year the men were exonerated of the crimes of which they were convicted.The truth is FBI agents, Condon and Rico, knew Barbooza was lying. Federal Judge Nancy Gertner told a packed courtroom that the agents encouraged the witness to lie, and then withheld evidence that could prove the four men were not involved in the 1965 murder of Edward “Teddy” Deegan.


There are two ways innocent people end up in prison. The most common is error. The most common error is misidentification by an eye witness. The second is through corruption of the people sworn to enforce and administer the law.INNOCENT PEOPLE GO TO PRISON!