Update: March 26, 2014


Jeffrey R. Ferguson was executed shortly after midnight.  Full article here.


Update: March 24, 2014


The execution of Jeffrey R. Ferguson is scheduled for 12:01 am CST, on March 26, 2014, at the Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Corrections Center in Bonne Terre, Missouri.Fifty-nine-year-old Jeffry is convicted of the abduction, rape, and murder of 17-year-old Kelli Hall in St. Charles, Missouri, on February 10, 1989.Jeffrey has spent the last 21 years of his life on Missouri's death row.


Around 9:00 pm on the evening of February 9, 1989, Jeffrey Ferguson and friend Kenneth Ousley met with Melvin Hedrick to sell him a .32 caliber pistol.Melvin did not purchase the pistol, instead suggesting to the two that they may be able to sell it at a bar.Ferguson left Ousely and went with Melvin to Brother's Bar in St. Charles, Missouri, where they stayed for approximately one hour, when Marvin began feeling ill.Between 10:50 and 10:55 pm, Ousley met Ferguson and Melvin at a nearby Shell station.Ousley was in Ferguson's brown and white Blazer.Melvin drove home in his own vehicle.Ferguson entered the passenger side of his vehicle, carrying his unsold pistol.



Across the street, 17-year-old Kelli Hall was coming to the end of her shift at a Mobil service station.Kelli, while waiting for her coworker, Tammy Adams to relive her, went out to check the fuel levels.Robert Stulce, and acquaintance of Kelli, noticed her recording the fuel levels and a brown and white Blazer pulling into the station, near Kelli.When Robert next looked, Kelli was talking to a man beside the Blazer and then entered the vehicle.The Blazer was later identified as Ferguson's.


Kelli's boyfriend, Tim Parres, was waiting to pick her up from work.When she failed to appear after half an hour, he went looking for her.Tim and Tammy, a co-worker, failed to locate Kelli at the station or at her home.They also discovered that Kelli's purse was still at the station, prompting them to call the police.


The next morning, on February 10, a street maintenance worker found, what would later be identified as the clothes Kelli was wearing the night she disappeared.


Also on February 10, Melvin heard on the news that police were looking for a Blazer similar to Ferguson's.When Melvin jokingly asked Ferguson about it, Ferguson angrily denied he was in St. Charles and telling Melvin to deny seeing him there.Later that night, Ousley showed a friend two rings and asked if he would be interested in buying them or exchanging them for cocaine, saying they had come from "a job in St. Charles."On February 12, Ferguson and Ousley took the two rings Ousley had and the one ring Ferguson had to Brenda Rosener.When Brenda asked if they were "hot," Ferguson replied that they were "very hot."Although Brenda refused to by the rings, Ferguson left them with her to think it over.


As Ferguson and Ousley were attempting to sell the rings, Melvin became suspicious that Ferguson was involved in the disappearance of Kelli.On Monday, February 13, 1989, Melvin contacted a friend who used to work for the FBI, suggesting that Ferguson be investigated.It was later that day when Ferguson informed Melvin that he intended to leave town.Before leaving, Ferguson attempted to have his Blazer repainted, but the shop was unable to do so that day.


On February 18, Ferguson called Hedrick, saying his house had been searched by the FBI.They did not find anything.Ferguson again urged Hedrick to not say anything about being in St. Charles that night, and, if he had to mention it, to say they were their earlier.


On February 20, Ferguson went back to Brenda's home to inquire about the rings.Brenda was not home, so Ferguson asked her housemate, Ed Metcalf, if he knew whether Brenda planned on buying the rings.Ferguson also mentioned that he was being investigated in regards to Kelli's disappearance, at which time Ferguson was asked to leave.That night, Brenda and Ed examined the rings and began to suspect they belonged to Kelli.They called a relative who worked at the police department and turned in the rings, which were identified as Kelli's by Kelli's mother.


On February 22, Kelli's body was discovered by Warren Stemme as he worked on his farm.Kelli's body was frozen and she was only wearing her socks.Her body was partially obscured by steel building partitions leaning against the building, which could not have been moved by one man.Kelli had died from strangulation with a something broad, such as a strip of cloth.Evidence suggests Kelli fought for her life.


Ferguson was arrested later that day, following a conversation with Melvin, during which Melvin was wearing a wire.Following his arrest, Ferguson denied any involvement in the crime.DNA evidence placed Ferguson and Ousley at the scene and indicated that Ferguson was likely the one who raped and killed Kelli.Ferguson was convicted and sentenced to death.Ousley eventually pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.Ousley did not testify against Ferguson.


During Ferguson's sentencing trial, evidence was introduced which demonstrated Ferguson had a history of assault.A girl who had lived with Ferguson for two years testified that she was frequently assaulted by Ferguson and that he frequently threatened to kill her.During one dispute with her, he shot an acquaintance in the shoulder.Ferguson claimed he had problems with alcohol and drugs, to which eight people testified.Two clinical psychologists also testified that Ferguson suffered from "persistent recurrent depression" and had a psychiatric disorder known as "substance dependence," a problem for which he never received proper treatment.


Jeffrey Ferguson has since admitted his guilt, although he claims he was in a drunken stupor and blacked out at the time of the crime.He also alleges that he is now a different man, one who found forgiveness in God.Through God, he has also been able to forgive himself.While he is not happy with his life, he says has found peace in it and that he is prepared to die, knowing he will be with the Lord.


Please pray for peace and healing for the family of Kelli Hall.Please pray for strength for the family of Jeffrey Ferguson.Please pray that Jeffrey continues to find and seek peace from the Lord, further growing his relationship with Him.