November 13, 2014  7:40 pm EST


Chadwick D. Banks was executed at 7:27 pm EST, on Thursday, November 13, 2014, at the Florida State Penitentiary near Raiford, Florida.  Forty-three-year-old Chadwick was executed for the murder of his wife, Cassandra Banks, and for the brutal rape and murder of his 10-year-old step-daughter Melody Cooper on September 24, 1992, inside of Cassandra’s trailer.  Chadwick spent the last 20 years of Florida’s death row.


In high school, Chadwick was a member of the band, serving as section leader his last two years.  Chadwick was remembered as a good student in school, with no behavioral problems.  He was the oldest of seven children and often helped the other children, according his father.  Chadwick had served in the Army, where he received a general discharge after assaulting a Korean officer with a deadly weapon while he was on duty.  Prior to his arrest, Chadwick worked at Fiberstone Quarries as a production crew leader and was in charge of supervising four other employees.  He was a good employee, always on time, and had received a raise a few days before the murder.


On the evening of September 23, 1992, Chadwick Banks was drinking malt liquor and shooting pool at a nightclub near where he lived with his wife, Cassandra Banks and her daughter from a previously relationship, Melody Cooper.  Cassandra was with him for a while before returning home.


During the early morning hours of September 24, 1992, Chadwick was seen entering the trailer he shared with his wife.  Cassandra was asleep in her bed as Chadwick entered and shot her in the head.  She died without ever gaining consciousness.  After killing Cassandra, Chadwick entered the room of Melody Cooper, his step-daughter.  Chadwick raped Melody for approximately 20 minutes while she fought back before also shooting her in the head.


Approximately one hour after Chadwick was seen entering the trailer, a car was heard to “spin off” in front of the trailer.  The bodies of Cassandra and Melody were discovered that morning.  Chadwick was arrested a few days later.


Please pray for peace and healing for the family of Cassandra and Melody.  Please pray for strength for the family of Chadwick.