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Three men and zero women have been

executed in the United States in 2019.

134 Killed Mali
At least 134 individuals have been killed, and 55 others injured, in an ethnic Peuhl village in Ogossogou, Mali. Among those killed were small children, pregnant women, and the elderly. An ethnic Dogon militia, who are Islamic extremists, is believed to be responsible for the attack. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Pleas pray for healing for the injured. Please pray for peace.
417 Killed in Mozambique
At least 417 individuals have been killed in Mozambique as a result of Cyclone Idai. Approximately 300 others have been killed in Zimbabwe and Malawi as a result of the cyclone. There is also severe flooding, which has contributed to the many deaths, and risk of further flooding. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for the safety of all in the regions. Please pray for all affected.
Flooding in Australia
Northern Australia has been struck by Cyclone Trevor, with another storm, Cyclone Veronica on its way. Cyclone Trevor has already caused significant damage with strong winds and rains. There have been nor reports of injuries or deaths. While Cyclone Veronica is not expected to make landfall, flooding is still a major concern. Please pray for all who have been, and could be, affected. Please pray for safety.
1 Injured in Nice, France
At least one elderly woman has been injured during a banned “Yellow Vest” protest in Nice, France. The 73-year-old woman was struck over the head with a metal post in an incident captured on video. She sustained a skull fracture and bleeding next to the brain. She is currently in the intensive care unit. During the protest, soldiers were deployed to help police maintain security. Please pray for healing. Please pray for any others that may have been affected. Please pray for peace.
Last Islamic State Stronghold Falls
The terrorist group known as the Islamic State no longer holds any territory, and thousands of its fighters have been captured in recent months. However, many fighters continue to carry out operations in secret. Please pray for peace. Please pray for all that have been affected since the Islamic State came to power.
3 Killed in Nebraska
At least three individuals have been killed as a result of severe flooding in Nebraska. Thousands have been forced from their homes in Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri due to flooding. Further flooding is feared as temperatures increase and snow begins to melt. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for all those affected.
Protests in Morocco
Thousands of teachers are protesting in Morocco over working conditions. Among their demands are permanent contracts, better working conditions, and the rising cost of living. An overnight sit-in was broken up by police in riot gear with water cannons. Please pray for peace.
Protests in Algeria
Protests have been ongoing against current President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. President Bouteflika was planning on running for a 5th term in office, despite his declining health, however, he has announced that he will not seek another term. He has been in office since 1999. Protests initially began against his seeking a 5th term, but now protesters are demanding that he step down immediately, arguing that his health is allowing others to rule through him. Please pray for a peaceful resolution.
49 Killed in Mosque Shootings
At least 49 individuals have been killed, and 20 others injured, in two shootings at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Four suspects have been arrested in connection with the shootings. Police also discovered explosive devices nearby. Officials has designated this incident as a terrorist attack. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for healing for the injured. Please pray for peace.


“Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough.  Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something more productive.”  He refuses to drink alcohol.  He also does not smoke.  He is the richest man to become President.  He is the oldest man to become President.  He is the only President to have been married three times, with two divorces.  He is the only President to have won a Razzie Award and to have hosted his own reality television show.  He is Donald J. Trump, 45th and current, President of the United States of America.  Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York City, New York.  He was the fourth of five children.  He attended Kew-Forest School through 7th grade, when his parents placed him in New York Military Academy, believing that he needed better discipline.  He went on to attend Fordham University in 1964, transferring to Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania in 1966.  Donald transferred because Wharton was one of the few schools that offered a real estates studies program at the time.  Donald’s parents became wealthy through real estate development, with his father and grandmother starting their own company Elizabeth Trump and Son.  Throughout college, Donald worked for the company, graduating in May of 1968, with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics.


In 1977, Donald married his first wife, Ivana Zelníčková.  They had three children together - Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.  Ivana, from the former Czechoslovakia, and Donald divorced in 1992, after it was discovered Donald had an affair with actress Marla Maples.  Donald married Marla in 1993, after she had given birth to Donald’s fourth child, Tiffany.  Donald and Marla divorced in 1999.  In 2005, Donald married his current wife, Slovene model Melania Knauss.  They have one child together, Barron.  Melania was granted US citizenship in 2006.  She is the second First Lady to be from another country.


Donald did not serve in the Vietnam War, nor was he drafted, making him one of the few presidents with no prior military or government service experience prior to being elected.  In 1971, Donald took over the family business and renamed it The Trump Organization.  A few years after becoming president of the company, Donald made his first major real estate deal in Manhattan by purchasing a half-share in the decrepit Commodore Hotel.  Along with his brother Fred and the Hyatt hotel chain, the hotel was completely remodeled and reopened as the Grand Hyatt Hotel.


At the same time, Donald, through his “persistence” and “skills as a negotiator,” finalized negotiants to develop and build Trump Tower, a 58-story skyscraper.  Since its completion, Donald and his family have resided in the penthouse condominium, with the headquarters of The Trump Organization also being located in the Tower.  Beginning in 2003, Trump Tower also served as the setting for Donald’s hit reality show, The Apprentice.


In 1986, Donald took over repairs on Central Park’s Wollman Rink, after the previous contractor failed to deliver on their two-year promise.  Donald completed the project in three months and $775,000 under budget. 


Throughout the years, Donald has been involved in numerous projects in New York City, including the renovation of a swaying building in Columbus Circle, later renaming it Trump International Hotel and Tower; renovating a building at 40 Wall Street, later renaming it Trump Building; building Trump Place along the Hudson River; building Trump World Tower across from the headquarters of the United Nations; and the renovation of Hotel Delmonico, which was renamed Trump Park Avenue.  He also purchased, built, or manages approximately 18 golf courses.


In 1978, Donald became interested in building casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  In 1995, he founded Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, a publicly traded company, which obtained ownership of many of his casino.  From 1991 to 2009, his hotel and casino businesses have been declared bankrupt six times. 


In the late 2000s, Donald began expanding his business beyond New York, with hotel towers in Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Panama City, and Honolulu.  Donald has also expanded beyond the United States, with Trump-branded buildings in Toronto, Canada; Vancouver, Canada; Dubai, Saudi Arabia; Istanbul, Turkey, Manila, Philippines, Mumbai, India; and Indonesia.


Trump has also been involved in numerous, non-real estate ventures including owing and running the Miss Universe pageants, which include Miss USA and Miss Teen USA; briefly owning a football team in the United States Football League; hosting boxing matches; participating in numerous film and television appearances; and writing several books.


Prior to running for President in 2016, Donald had no experience in government service.  Numerous times throughout his life, beginning in 1987, Donald thought about running for office and switched political parties numerous times.  In 2000, Donald ran, briefly, for the presidency under the Reform Party.  Early during the primary race, he withdrew his candidacy.  In June of 2015, Donald officially announced he was seeking the Republican nomination for President.  Out of a field of 17 candidates, Donald quickly became a front runner, with a focus on reducing illegal immigration, reducing the national debt, repealing the Affordable Care Act, and curbing Islamic terrorism.


The Republican primary race, and the presidential race against Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, was one of the most contentious.  During the campaign, Hillary far outspent Donald in advertising, however Donald received a significant amount of free media coverage, mainly negative, due to outlandish and controversial statements.  In what is considered a shocking upset, Donald received over 300 electoral votes, securing him the Presidency, even though he lost the popular vote by approximately one million votes.  Since the election, there have been numerous protests throughout the country, and the world, by those who oppose President Trump.


Since his election, Donald has been besieged by negative media reports.  He has been falsely accused of colluding with Russia to ensure him the election and nearly every action he has undertaken as president has been met with resistance.  Shortly after his inauguration, President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to a vacant seat in the  Supreme Court of the United States.  This nomination was opposed by all Democrats in the Senate, however he was approved by a simple majority vote.  Since his election, Donald has also nominate 73 federal judges.


In the first year and a half of his presidency, Donald has presided over a rebounding economy with drastically reduced unemployment, the creation of nearly two million new jobs, and bringing jobs back to the United States from foreign countries.  He has reduced taxes and government spending.  President Trump is working on reducing illegal immigration, overhauling immigration laws, and deporting violent gang members who are in the country illegally.


Internationally, Donald has been strong on his stance against North Korea developing nuclear weapons.  South Korea has credited Donald’s strong and unwavering stance as a key role in helping to finally beginning talks between North and South Korea, even having North Korean athletes and representatives at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.  Additionally, shortly before this birthday, Donald had a historic meeting with Chairman Kim Jong-un of North Korea, during which it was agreed North Korea would denuclearize.  


Donald has also traveled to the Middle East and Asia to build relationships with its leaders.  Also in the Middle East, the Islamic State terrorist group has lost nearly all the territory they once held.  Additionally, Donald has fulfilled his campaign promise of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


Donald’s presidency is historic due to his vastly different background from previous presidents, which has made it difficult to judge what type of president he will be and the changes he could affect in the United States and the world.  The world continues to change while he is President, and it will be years before history can truly judge his actions, for better or worse.


Happy Birthday Mr. President!


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