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Daily Bible Reading for April 1, 2014, with Commentary: 1 Samuel 16-20

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Context: Last week we ended with Saul being rejected as king by God and Samuel.  This week we begin with the anointing of David, the youngest son of Jesse, who was thought so unimportant he was not summoned from the fields when Samuel asked to meet with the family.  Following his anointing, David is summoned to the royal court and enlisted to play his harp for Saul.  Chapter 17 covers the famed story of David and Goliath.  God uses what we consider, the weak, the small, the unimportant to accomplish His important tasks.  As the story of David demonstrates, God sees beyond the physical appearance of man.  David's victory, and the people's reaction to it, made Saul angry.  Saul attempted to kill David but the Lord protected him.  Saul's family, however, loved David and also worked to protect him.


World History: Major Mesoamerican civilizations were beginning to form in Latin America.  The first to build pyramids (sometimes called ziggurats) were the Olmecs around 1000 BC. 




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